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26 star flag Michigan

Molidor Road, Grant Township,

Lake County, IL    c. 1867  

31 1/4" x 8"



This becomes our official flag on July 4, 1837 when Michigan enters the Union (January 26, 1837). As Michigan prepares to enter the Union it is involved in a dispute with Ohio (already a state) over what is known at the "Toledo Strip" an area of land along the Maumee River that is claimed by both and both states send militias to the area. According to some records no shots were fired, other records indicate there was one fatality. Robert E. Lee, beginning his military career after graduating from West Point, is the civil engineer the government sends to survey the land. Lee will go on to contribute significantly to the development of the United States as a civil engineer. He will help to develop the ports along the Mississippi River in Missouri, including St. Louis. He is the son of "Light Horse Harry" one of the most brilliant and trusted Generals in the Continental Army.


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