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36 Star Flag

Molidor Road, Grant Township,

Lake County, IL       c. 1867

38 1/4" x 10"



In 1864 the Republican Party wants to ensure the reelection of Abraham Lincoln. When Nevada applies for statehood in October of 1864, Republicans seize the opportunity knowing that the mining interests in the state lean Republican. In just eight days Nevada's request for statehood will be granted and the state does vote Republican in the election. The 36 star flag held great meaning for Abraham Lincoln who saw it as the symbol of the reunited United Sates. As the nation expands westward no man will own another, the economy will grow as men are paid for their labor, and disputes will be settled by law and compromise rather than bloodshed. Although the official flag is not to be unfurled until July 4, 1865 36 star flags appear throughout the North. The official 36 star flag to be unfurled over the Capitol was placed under Lincoln's head as he lay in state and was buried with him.



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